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Mango Smoothie bowl with Mango munchies


Coming back from workout, feeling hungry? Go for this Mango Smoothie Bowl and you won’t feel hungry for a couple of hours.


Ingredients –

1/2 Banana cut in small pieces

1 Mango chopped

2 tbsp Instant Oats

1 tsp Honey

Mango munchies

Elaichi Powder (Cardamom Powder)

Soya Milk (You may use Almond Milk or Skinned or Normal Milk as per your choice)

Sesame seeds




Instructions –

  1. In a mixie jar, take banana cut in pieces, add chopped mango pieces, 2 tbsp Instant Oats.
  2. Then add 1 tsp Honey – Go easy on the sweetness with a pinch Cardamom Powder (Elaichi powder)
  3. Later add soya milk or any milk of your choice and Churn everything in the mixie jar.
  4. Put the smoothie in a bowl and garnish it with walnuts, raisins, mango pieces, sesame seeds and mango munchies.

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