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SUPER MUNCHIES Vacuum Cooked Jackfruit Chips


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Jack of all fruits, hated by none!
Who knew this sweet, tropical favorite could taste so great as a Munchy.

Pack of 4
Pack of 4
Pack of 6
Pack of 6
Pack of 8
Pack of 8
Pack of 12
Pack of 12
Pack of 32
Pack of 32

These Jackfruit chips are made using vacuum cooking technology, which helps retain the natural flavors, colors, and taste of the product keeping it as close to its respective fruits and vegetable as possible. Only the best Jackfruits from the local farms go ahead and become our Super Munchies chips.

Fun Fact: The fruit is made up of 80% water. In comparison, a watermelon is about 92% water.

Weight 0.97 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 18 × 12.5 cm
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Pack of 4, Pack of 6, Pack of 8, Pack of 12, Pack of 32


Ingredients: 95 % Jackfruit, Refined Rice Bran Oil.

100 % Real Jackfruit Used
No Added Sugar
Zero Cholesterol
No Trans Fat
Gluten Free
Naturally Gluten & Nut Free
No Added Color or Flavor
Rich Source of Fibre

Declaration: Due to natural ingredients, the color, taste and the consistency of the product may vary, but the product efficiency remains unchanged.


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