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Crunchy Achari Chickpeas Salad

When you combine fresh microgreens and crunchy Achari Chickpeas, you get a healthy, hearty salad that is bursting with flavour and crunch. Are you ready to give this a try?

Mango Parfait

When you are craving a naturally sweet summer treat! Enjoy the rich wholesome layers of Mango Munchies, Granola and dairy-free yogurt - all in a delicious healthy dessert.

Crunchy Trail Mix

An anytime snack for the workplace or travel. Be it work or a hiking adventure, this is a healthy mix of ingredients to keep you fueled on the go.

Tropical Mango Munchies Salad

Crunchy Sweet Mango munchies on a bed of fresh greens - a great way to fuel up on a healthy mix of ingredients that will keep you satiated and energetic through these hot summer days

Achari Chickpeas and Kale Salad

The crispy Achari Chickpeas adds an extra dimension of flavour and crunch to the Kale tossed in a creamy sweet and zesty dressing. Its hearty, Savoury and subtly spiced.

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