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Address: My Natures Basket, Door No 2-154(2), Poomar Padav, Tenkamijar Village, Ashwath Pura Post, Mangalore, India - 574227



About Us

In these times, when food is all about preservatives, artificial colours, and unnatural flavours, we conceptualized My Natures Basket with the main goal of keeping all products natural. Our products are made using Vacuum Frying Technology, which helps retain the natural flavours, colours, and taste of the product keeping it as close to its respective fruits as possible. Our products do not have any artificial colours and preservatives. Only the best raw fruits/vegetables from the local farms go ahead and become our SuperMunchies chips. My Natures Basket believes in providing sustainability to the local farmers and purchases fresh produce directly from them, thus plays a small part in providing local employment opportunities to these local farmers. Going forward, the main goal of My Natures Basket is to “Gain Fresh Give Natural”, thus creating the perfect circle of farmers to end consumers with SuperMunchies at the centre of it all.

How we do it

Our Director

Mr. Robert Menezes has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Fr. Agnels Technical college, Mumbai. After his Engineering he has worked for different value automation industries in various departments. Eventually he started his own Business in value automation in 1986 which was then collaborated with Kitz corporation Japan in 2015. He acted as the Managing director for the group company in India for another 6 years and then started his dream project called Super Munchies. His vast experience and knowledge in various fields, will help Super Munchies grow and reach its highest potential.


Shamine Menezes has worked for various food industries for over 8 years. She has a bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Mangalore and a Masters’s in food technology from the University of Leeds, UK. Her experience both national and international has helped set an Avant grade facility to produce the best quality of snacks. Her knowledge in the food safety process has been our stepping stone.

Sheldon Menezes has a degree in Mechanical engineering from Pune and a Masters in Industrial and Systems Engineering engineering from the University of Binghamton, New York. He has worked in various organizations as an industrial engineer optimizing processes and production. His enthusiasm to achieve all that he set his mind to makes the organization more enthusiastic and focused to achieve and deliver the best.