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Address: Super Munchies, Door No 2-154(2), Poomar Padav, Tenkamijar Village, Ashwath Pura Post, Mangalore, India - 574227
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Crunchy Achari Chickpeas Salad

When you combine fresh microgreens and crunchy Achari Chickpeas, you get a healthy, hearty salad that is bursting with flavour

Mango Parfait

When you are craving a naturally sweet summer treat! Enjoy the rich wholesome layers of Mango Munchies, Granola and dairy-free

Crunchy Trail Mix

An anytime snack for the workplace or travel. Be it work or a hiking adventure, this is a healthy mix

Tropical Mango Munchies Salad

Crunchy Sweet Mango munchies on a bed of fresh greens - a great way to fuel up on a healthy

Achari Chickpeas and Kale Salad

The crispy Achari Chickpeas adds an extra dimension of flavour and crunch to the Kale tossed in a creamy sweet
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