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Yep, “The king of all fruits” is now the “King of all Munchies”. These vacuum cooked Mango Munchies are made with care to retain all the natural goodness and nutrients of the real mango fruit. They contain NO added sugar, making them an excellent choice for a delightfully sweet healthy snacking option.


Smart Munching On-the-Go…

Who knew this sweet, tropical favourite could taste so great as a Munchy. Our Jackfruit munchies come with a punch of flavour and nutrients in every crunch. A smart alternative to replenish your energy and calm those hunger pangs.


Sweet and Tangy !
All the natural goodness that you can expect from this nutrient dense tropical fruit is locked in these Crisp Golden slices of pineapple. This incredibly delicious and healthy snack by Super Munchies is a convenient and easy way to curb your sweet cravings.

Perk up your breakfast, salads, desserts or trail mix and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Peri Peri Banana


Another lip-smacking delight to tease your taste buds!
Crispy, Crunchy and Very Peri Peri… our Banana Chips are a preferred alternative for healthy snacking on-the-go…

Achari Chickpeas

A perfect treat for your health conscious palate.
Enjoy Super Munchies Achari Chickpeas straight from the pack or add it as a wholesome topping to your recipes for that extra crunch and flavour. Our Achari Chickpeas delivers just the right balance of texture, crunch and taste.

Tandoori Sweet Potato

Enjoy the best of both worlds! as we bring you the goodness of sweet potato seasoned with our special Tandoori Masala. High in fiber and taste, this nutrient rich vegan snack is a complete delight. A must try to satisfy your desi cravings!

Tandoori CORN

A tastier munchy, just around the CORN-er.
The quickest way to a healthy crunch!


A classic delight. High on taste, high on energy.

We made this Classic Favourite even better to retain all its natural goodness so that you can keep enjoying its benefits anytime anywhere.

Peri Peri Chickpeas

And this one is a sure crowd-pleaser!

Crispy, Crunchy and Very Peri Peri… For those who love to spice things up!

Bold and cheerful – Peri Peri Chickpeas !

Cheesy Chickpeas

Add a pop of fun to your snacking rituals.

Amp up those flavours as we team up with our ever crunchy chickpeas to bring you this sharp and perky – Cheesy Chickpeas !

Potato Thai Sweet Chili

In the land of smiles, where flavours unite, Our chips bring you joy with each crunchy bite! With Thai Sweet Chili, a taste of exotic lands, They whisk you away to tropical sands!

Sweet Potato Chili Mint

In a garden of spice, where mint leaves entwine, Our chips are a treasure, oh so divine! With a kiss of chili, and a hint of mint’s delight, They dance on your palate, a flavor so bright!

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